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Think of it as Sand…

stmartincaribThere’s lots of it, you can mold it, you can shape it- but……it’s damn cold… and frozen.

How many of us east coasters are wishing we had planned a trip to the Caribbean this year. Or Florida. Tezas. Any gulf state. Hell- anywhere but here right now.

My mind is near Negril. Seeing my friends.

Seeing Hannah at Tingalaya’s. Sitting in the wave fed pool. A good laugh and some unwinding.Steel drums. palm trees in the breeze. I can hear it. I can almost smell it.

I can feel myself there, on Mike’s beach in Little Bay. The breeze just perfect, the view from across the bay to the reef: flawless. I’m reminded that Bob Marley himself has a home there, and it’s easy to understand why.

My mind is at Roberta’s place. Roberta Raigh Pryor, has written a book, “NEGRIL Reggae, Riots & Romance”, it’s a really great book that successfully depicts life in Negril and Jamaica at a very interesting point in Jamaican history. Jamaica is a fairly new country, having just been gained independence in 1962. Negril itself is a very small town, and remains  a very small beachside happening even at this point  in time. Go back 32 years to the 80’s? A fascinating moment in history, and well worth a read.

Of course, my mind is also at my soul’s home: Zimbali Retreat. It is there where I find my absolute seld. Good friends, Good people, Privacy with no boundaries. Mountain, jungle. natural pools, trails, hidden springs. gardens. and wide open natural beauty presented in a way that would rival Eden. It is a place like no other, indeed, and I cherish and grow from every trip there.

I can’t think of snow an sand. I actually like snow. I think it’s beautiful. But it has it’s drawbacks, and I have yet to find a drawback about Negril. If course, I I’ve and work here, but Negril is only a short flight away. You don’t have to pack much at all to be very comfortable, and it’s perfectly chill and wonderful.

Rather than think of snow as sand, though, I’d prefer to not think of it as all… like from a beach chair with a fancy drink and a nice old school bud and a million dollar view. I tried my hardest to make a solid connection between snow and sand and could not focus or keep anything on track because I am seriously thinking about Negril. I give up. Seriously. I have to go. I need to take one of my own trips. I wish you  better success keeping on track than I’ve just had! (Damn!)


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