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Back in 2005, when RastaVacations was first launched, things weren’t so easy. We had no banks willing to allow accounts associated with our industry. We had to tip-toe around laws that kept cannabis and anything to do with cannabis far out of the legal zone. We worded things covertly. We did everything right to keep within the law, and yet we were cut off for life from PayPal for using the term “goodie bag” is connection with a trip to Jamaica. That goodie bag was to include papers, a lighter, an innovative sunburn product, and a handy backpack! Yes, because of it, we could not even offer a payment solution for travelers and friends that we served.

Move forward 12 years, and we’re in business and ready to roll! Gone are the days of hush-hush conversations, and dancing around the word “weed”. HERE are the days of candid speak concerning where to stay, what kinds of strains to expect, pricing, cannabis inclusion in vacation packages, and everything that each and every one of us always wished we could discuss and enjoy!

Since mainstream advertisers will not allow cannabis related businesses, RastaVacations remains the logical choice for retreats and vacation spots to showcase their offerings. If you know of somewhere that would like to advertise their location on the oldest, most established cannabis focused vacation site on the web, you’ve found it here! Have them call, or email us and let us know who we need to contact to make it happen for them- and for you!

RastaVacations is BETTER than ever thanks to our fans, and thanks to those who have so tirelessly championed the cause for legalization of our beloved plant. We stand at a new dawn, and an exciting rebirth. Join us as we move forward with so many other cannabis related businesses and discover all that our future holds, both here in the USA and everywhere else in the world.

When we travel, we find ourselves.

Find yourself- on your OWN RastaVacation!

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