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We are a “green”, pro-personal choice, pro-legal marijuana, travel resource and company. Our guests are both individuals and groups who prefer a more tolerant vacation experience- and those who appreciate great, unique adventures and destinations.

RastaVacations caters to the open minded- those who want to explore other ways of life and those who hunger for a more involved and enlightened vacation. We cater to the marijuana smoking community as well as to those who want to legally learn about marijuana and experience it for themselves. We’re the web’s most knowledgeable one stop resource for marijuana friendly travel destinations and accommodations.

Our goal is simple: to help you enjoy your vacation the way YOU want to enjoy it!



By using our site, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age, and you acknowledge that you must be at least 18 make any travel arrangements through RastaVacations.


RastaVacations makes absolutely every effort to fulfill each and every detail of your vacation as sold. It is impossible to foresee some occurrences, though, such as rail closings, plane delays, acts of nature, illness, etc., and should any part of your paid RastaVacation be unexpectedly undeliverable or unserviceable, RastaVacations will refund you that portion of your vacation, Period. We stand behind all of our offerings. Liability will be limited to the portion of your trip cost that had been allocated for that item, and we unfortunately can not reimburse for incidentals, for instance hiking gear, water shoes, snorkel gear, etc.

Travel insurance is offered on our site and we recommend you review the policies if you are concerned about weather or cost to cover incidentals, airfare, etc., in the event of any cancellation or trip interruption.

Various RastaVacations offerings may have additional disclosures associated with them, which will be found on the check out pages for those vacations.

RastaVacations makes no claims whatsoever as to the legality of any substance in any location where we travel, and advises each traveler to familiarize themselves with the laws in any given location.

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