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Horse Racing and Strain Names, one and the same?

Horseracing- where do they get those names?

Horse Racing and Cannabis?

Are you a race fan? By race, I mean horse racing? Do you watch the Kentucky Derby? Do you have a track nearby and do you follow the sport?

Do you ever wonder about the names they name horses, and, as an insider, know that it’s usually about the lineage, the sire and dam’s names mixed or interpreted in such a way as to pay homage to both… but sometimes no mention of either and just a wild assed name?

All rather fascinating. I can see why horse racing enthusiasts would be intrigued. Who knew?

Well, so goes it with strain names as well.

I was just enjoying a look at Harbourside’s recent strain offerings.¬† “Sweeee-eeet” does not properly convey how nice of a variety they have. “Good on you, Harbourside”, as they say! I”m looking at it thinking just how wonderful it is to not only have the choice, but to appreciate it, and appreciate the meaning behind all those names we all love and love learning about.

I am looking at those names and seeing resemblance and references to strain names passed- today’s strains being morphs of the sires and dams of the crop.

I find it rather interesting, and wonder if you might, too.

Here: check out a great article here about horserace names and why they are what they are.


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