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Gulf side paradise

Gulf side paradise


It’s that time of the year: you’re either on vacation, or thinking about being on vacation!

Are you one of those wishing? Did you think that April would have been the time to book your vacuum? Or maybe last September?

Traditionally, our phones get busiest September and April, so you would not have been alone. It’s always interesting to see what the ebb and flow of any business is. In travel, it’s fall and spring for planning- any time is for doing.

However, you can book a great vacation any time of the year. During “shoulder season” agents have a lot more time to research or you. Plus, you can get some tremendous travel deals if you are able to take advantage of short-notice booking. Resorts large and small all have one thing in common: an empty room doesn’t make money.

The calendar says kids will be back in school in just a few short weeks, but it also says summer is barely started, and there’s a whole lot of it left to enjoy. I prefer to travel after school starts back up, and so I will wait until mid September to start my journeys. That way all the kids going back to school will be done with their summer’s last hurrah, and the parents will be back to work. More beach for me. More quant cafe’ time. Less crowds at the museum- and a more mature group to talk with at my destination. Don’t get me wrong- I adore kids. I really do. But having been past the age of raising them for a few years now, I adore peace and quiet at a whole new level than ever! Besides, I never know if parents have discussed cannabis with their kids, and how they’ve discussed it. I always want to uphold a parent’s right to raise their kids as they see fit, and so it does cause me pause to light up around someone’s child unless I’ve already spoken with the parent and gotten the go-ahead.

Aaaah, sitting on a less crowded beach, in piece of bud to share with a friend, old or new, perfect breeze, and sunset. I can almost feel it as I type.

And so, I think I will take a look and choose my next vacation. After all, it’s fun for me to go and see, because I can then share what I found with YOU!

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