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We're a 420 Friendly
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We have 10 years of experience in 420 friendly travel.
With more than 1000's of contacts & affiliates
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the dictionary defines "rasta" as "being weed friendly"...

and 'vacation" as "a relaxing break from your routine".

Enjoy a weed-friendly break

with RastaVacations!"

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Off-Grid Eco-Elegance

01 Jun 2017 - 01 Sep 2017
  • Eco-Elegant
  • All inclusive +4 Star Chef
  • Farm to Table "Ital Fusion Cuisine
  • Exclusive, Authentic, and Eco-Luxurious
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Vancouver Island, BC

  • City Tour In 3 Hours
  • Enjoy World Famous Restaurant
  • Wine Tester Trips
  • Night Street Life in Downtown
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Seattle, Washington

  • Grow show/ dispensary crawl
  • Enjoy World Famous Restaurants
  • Whale watching Trips
  • Convenient downtown hotel
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Coffeeshops, cannabis, and fun!
  • World Class Restaurants
  • Visit the Smart Shops for 'schrooms!
  • Museums, culture, and beauty
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We are 420 friendly and hook your vacation up!

Have you taken a vacation, gotten to your destination, and taken a shot asking someone if they have smoke? Even in the chillest places this still gives us all cause for worry. Why do that when RastaVacations is here? We line things up for you, so when you get to your destination your hook up is waiting for you. No hassles, no worries. And, we'll take you right to your destination. No hailing a cab, no wasting time. The dictionary says that "rasta" means weed friendly, and "vacation" means journey. Enjoy a weed friendly journey with RastaVacations!

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BC: great bud, beautiful country, very nice people

Been to Vancouver? How bout Vancouver Island? Well, then you've seen how drop dead gorgeous it is- and how friendly. We've got friends on the island with a HUGE house, compete with english pub, on the side of a mountain, with million dollar views that never get old. It's not just where you go, it's who you know. We know our retreat owners, and they're the best. All 420 friendly, never a worry. Check out Vancouver Island. It'll take you back to a kinder time.
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